EgoArtist A portrait to stroke your ego

Everybody wants to be drawn

It's ok. You're among friends here. You think you're pretty, and you want someone to capture your pretty face forever. I get it. I'm with you. I want what you want.

With over a decade of experience doing live caricatures in theme parks such as Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair, and Knott's Berry Farm, I've got the know how necessary to make your face into a work of art. I've worked for companies such as Marvel, DC, Lucasarts, Topps, and Upperdeck, making sketches of numerous beloved characters from movies, games, and comicbooks.

Those are my credentials. Let's get to some examples of work, shall we?

Game of Thrones

Big Bang Theory



Here is a month's worth of random film and television stars from my time at Knott's Berry Farm. How many can you recognize?

Get yourself drawn

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